Business Continuity
Business continuity solutions from vLOGIC make sure your IT infrastructure is prepared for any disruption. Your IT infrastructure along with the rest of your organization's capabilities needs to recover in a reasonable amount of time, with a limited loss of capability. Your business can be disrupted by a variety of external factors -- man-made events or events of nature.

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Data Backup and Restore - Data is one of the fundamental assets of an organization, and data loss can be debilitating to its functioning. Data corruption is the major cause of long recovery times. Organizations, therefore should maintain a primary online data backup using a mirrored set of disks, and also maintain a secondary daily tape-based backup which is shipped to an offsite location for disaster recovery. If systems fail, the recovered data can be used to bring up the systems within a short time and with limited data loss.

Email Archiving and Compliance - E-mail is a primary tool for business communication and the usage volumes are soaring exponentially. E-mail text and attached documents need to be stored and made accessible efficiently and securely for business purposes, and they also need to be archived on a long-term basis for legal compliance. From the perspective of an IT manager, e-mail management is nothing but a starting point into the larger content management mission. Enterprise content management, and in particular e-mail management, are high-growth, high interest areas for companies of all sizes and in all industries

High Availability - Your Systems need to be seamlessly always on, and hide any breakdowns from the user.

Disaster Recovery - In the event of a disaster when the place becomes unavailable for use for one reason or the other, Disaster Recovery solutions enable an organization to recover its IT infrastructure in a short period of time. The organization needs its systems and capabilities to recover in a matter of days or hours, with not a whole lot of data lost. Desktop systems and place are also needed for employees to go work in. These solutions typically require a higher level of investment

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