IT as a Service
vLOGIC's Consulting Services can assist any enterprise in planning, building and managing its activity in the cloud - and taking advantage of the improved business models it offers. While helping you to remain focused on what you know best-how to run your business, IT-as-a-service can save your company significant costs, what could be better?

All infrastructure operations, including email, the network, security, servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices; or

All software, as with "software-as-a-service" or SaaS

One infrastructure operation, such as disaster recovery;

We provide services on the following:


Includes software, hardware and virtualization platform

Capacity On-Demand

Integrated Backup

Virtualized Servers and Desktops

Why Choose Us - Our solution

Enhanced Business Focus: Allows companies to focus on running their business, rather than worrying about managing their IT needs internally

Lowered Total IT Cost - On the surface it may appear to be more cost effective to hire a consultant or a full-time employee for IT. But we can save at least 35%

Avoidance of Unpredictable IT Charges - Instead of fluctuating, unpredictable costs associated with the "pay as you go" external IT provider, organizations typically pay a fixed monthly fee, with the IT-as-a-service model

Achievement of Backup and Disaster Recovery Goals - Companies should evaluate the provider's security infrastructure in choosing IT-as-a-service,

Improved Quality of IT - Because managed services providers are immersed in technology every day, typically they are better skilled in any one area of IT than most clients could ever be.

Cloud Computing SaaS