IT Help Desk & Technical Support
With the help of technically sound support team, 60% of day-to-day issues faced by your organization can be solved remotely by vLOGIC. When you sign up for the IT Help Desk, you'll experience the benefit of a U.S.-based live technical support team on software and hardware products from certified frontline-support technicians. To expertly troubleshoot your technical issues, our friendly customer-service team will use industry-leading internal processes.

Our Expertise

Back Office - The IT Help Desk leverages vLOGIC Back Office for level 3 desktop and server issues. Both teams are tightly integrated providing your clients comprehensive services.

Customer Satisfaction - In business, customer satisfaction means everything to long-term success. But while each support call is important, they don't all require an immediate response from your entire technical staff. To provide the appropriate level of service in any given circumstance, our highly trained staff responds to customer phone calls and e-mails. Customer issues are addressed in a timely and courteous manner. At the same time, your valuable time is considered in the most cost effective manner.

Service - The Help Desk will make every effort to resolve technical support issues at the time of the initial service call. This is our approach for resolving issues. The call will be answered by a Level 1 technician. If the incoming request can be handled within 10 minutes, the Level 1 technician will stay with the call to resolve the issue. If the Level 1 technician estimates that the incoming request will take longer, they will

Hand off the call to a Level 2 technician if one is available, or

Inform the caller that the issue will be assigned to a Level 2 technician and end the call. The Level 1 technician will then place the ticket in the Help Desk ticket queue where it will be assigned to a Level 2 technician. The level 2 technician will contact the client based on ticket priority.

The Help Desk services can be provided during normal business hours or with an option of 24*7 depending on the client needs.

Why Choose Us - Our Solution

The Key Benefits of IT Help Desk & Tech Support includes:

Outsourcing help desk services, faster than building and staffing your own

Reducing operations costs

Eliminating drain on your resources, staff or infrastructure

Freeing time for your internal resources to focus on core business and development projects

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