Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing
Everything you Wanted to Know

When the idea of Cloud Computing took shape at first it sounded nebulous. However, it didn't take time for people to realize its immense benefits and the result is now there for everyone to see. It has become quite a rage and almost every small and large companies are now interested in Cloud Computing and are reaping the benefits of it.

Cloud Computing has taken the IT world by storm and its future seems bright since more and more companies are taking the plunge. Now what does Cloud Computing mean? Cloud Computing can be simply put as something providing web services over the internet. That means it delivers business applications via a web browser while the data and software are stored on the servers. It is so easy to use that anyone having a personal computer and internet access can start using 'The Cloud'.

Why Cloud Computing?

More from less is the apt way to explain the immense benefits of using Cloud Computing. By engaging in Cloud Computing, companies can optimize productivity as well as profit without making huge investments on in-house resources and technical equipments, something that IT companies always wanted.

Since the Cloud Computing users do not own or rent usage of the web browser but only the services, they avoid capital expenditure by paying only for the services they use. They can either opt for the subscription-based service or adopt the utility model (pay-per-use service).

By Cloud Computing companies save:

Investments on in-house resources and technical equipments

Endless wait for the shipment of the product

Labor costs for deploying, maintaining, and upgrading software or application

Effort spent in training new personnel

Licensing new software

Is Cloud Computing going to be a great force to reckon with?

If statistics are to be believed then Cloud Computing will be a great force in the market in years to come. At present, the market opportunity of Cloud Computing is huge and Merrill Lynch puts it at $100 billion. By 2011, they predict it to increase further by $60 billion. However, there is nothing surprising about it since what else can provide you reduced costs, capital expenditure, increased storage, great profits, high automation, flexibility, mobility, and productivity that too so cheaply.

With the weakening of economy Cloud Computing has gained more popularity, as it is the only one that provides low-cost environments. Even large companies are taking interest in it, which was until then used by small and medium businesses.

Tough roads ahead for Cloud Computing

The huge benefits of Cloud Computing aren't worth a dime if it isn't secure. What is at stake is the personal and business data and companies won't invest time, money, and effort where there isn't security. Providers of hosted services have to do whatever they can to earn the trust of companies by making it secure in all possible ways. Therefore, it can be said that Cloud Computing treads on a thin line; one false step and it will all come crashing down. Considering the advantages of Cloud Computing let us believe that it won't happen.
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